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Some folk call the study of numbers numerology and can spend a lifetime immersed in their seemingly mystical properties. Here at Lottoland, we’ll cheerfully admit that we’re much more down to earth and practical in our outlook. We know that many people right across Australia are much more interested in what numbers can win for them, how selecting the right ones can be completely life changing. Our aim is simple – to make it as easy as possible for you to place entries not only in the most popular of our home based lotteries, but to have the chance to win the gigantic prizes offered both in Europe and in North America.

That’s why our Lottoland team have worked so hard to bring these great lotto competitions right to your fingertips, whether you prefer to access the possibilities via our website or through the terrific mobile phone app we’ve also developed. This means that, if you’re like so many of our population, and are truly fond of a punt, then Lottoland is the place to have your fun. This is the place where, for example, for just $5, you can give yourself a chance to win amazing jackpots reaching up towards one billion dollars!

We offer you a wide range of lotto choices – starting of course here at home with our eternally popular twice weekly Saturday and Wednesday Australian Lotto draws. You will probably also be keen to be a participant in those occasional super and mega draws they conduct. Naturally, we include the chance to take part each day in the legendary Keno, with its constant chance for you to be the latest million dollar winner.

Europe is the home for the hugely popular Euro Millions and Euro Numbers draws, which are offered in more than a dozen states, countries and principalities across the west of that continent, and offer more rich jackpot opportunities.

Of course, if it’s huge jackpot possibilities that matter for you, then you won’t be surprised that we also offer access to two of the biggest anywhere on the planet. From the United States, naturally. Again, for only a $5 stake, you can play the famous US Powerball game. It offers up endless lifestyle possibilities, thanks to its minimum winning jackpot of $55 million. This is also the place where, incredibly, their jackpots can reach up towards one billion beautiful dollars!

Another classic from that part of the world is the stunning US Mega Millions competition. It delivers a weekly minimum of $20 and has provided jackpots of more than $800. Million dollars in both cases of course! Thanks to the fact that they outnumber our population by around thirteen to one, you have the chance to win these huge sums.

You might like to stick to a single competition or play them all. You might want to make sure you are entered in every draw, through our subscription service, or simply visit Lottoland whenever the fancy takes you. The choice is yours – and we’ll always also provide all the winning prize draw number information that you’ll want to be able quickly access.

Play US Powerball

Zap! Kapow! And any other powerful descriptor you can come up with. All of them would be pretty good terms to use to describe the possibilities offered through this world renowned competition. The US Powerball lottery operates across a large number of states, and Lottoland gives you the chance to be part of it right here in Australia.

Playing it is easy – just grab the five numbers of your choice and top them up with a Powerball, and you’ll be entered into the possibility of winning their utterly huge jackpots. Your initial five number choices are from one to 60, with the Powerball itself chosen from one to 26. There are prizes distributed right across nine terrific prize divisions, and the minimum jackpot starts at a barely imaginable $55 million. When their jackpot grows it truly multiplies, pushing the possible jackpot up to that incredible billion. You could almost buy your own – well anything you can imagine – with that!

The draw is held two times across each week, the chosen days being Thursday and Sunday. Those lucky folk who snare a jackpot can either choose that bumper lump sum itself or prefer to opt for a guaranteed payment each and every year for the next 30. Choices, choices!

Here at Lottoland, you can choose a simple subscription that will see you automatically entered in every single draw, or join us and make your choices whenever you want to. Then we publish the results on our website after each draw.

Euro Millions Lotto

From southern Portugal to the northern tip of Scotland, from Monaco to Cork in the west of Ireland, the Euro Millions draw is hugely popular across the dozen and more participating countries. This is because, as a transnational competition, it can deliver the continent’s biggest lotto jackpots.

When you access the draws through Lottoland you can be part of the competition that has delivered jackpots up to an astounding $267 million. To win, you need to make a correct pick of just five numbers from a choice of between one and 50, and then an additional choice of a couple of star numbers. You can enter these Euro Millions draws for just $5 for each single game. If you want to be in it to win it every time, then check out the Lottoland subscription service.

The lucky numbers are drawn in beautiful Paris every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year. Euro Millions has increased in popularity right since its launch in 2004, and minimum weekly jackpots offer $21 million and, as you’ve seen, when the jackpot rolls over, it can reach more than $250 million.

After you enter, you can always check out the winning combinations through the Lottoland website or the terrific mobile app.

Play US Mega Millions Lotto Online

Roll up, roll up and welcome to Mega Millions! You can almost hear the carnival barker call out a welcome – in an American accent of course – as this is a US based lottery. It happens twice weekly – Wednesdays and Saturdays are their days of choice – and through Lottoland, just $5 can make you part of the fun. Originally called The Big Game, Mega Millions makes it sound that bit more thrilling, don’t you think?

To enter, all you need to do is make your choice of a total of six numbers, the first five need to be between one and 75; the final Megaball itself can be any choice one through 15. You’re then entered into their draw, one which often delivers the world’s greatest lotto jackpots, and these have been known to be far and above $500 million. The minimum is set at a perfectly acceptable $20m, mind you the biggest has been a rather cool $840m. In common with other American lotteries, the winner has a choice of receiving their jackpot winnings as a single mega payment or they can have it spread over 30 year by year mega instalments.

You’ll also find the chance to enjoy 5x Megaplier boosts, for prizes in the second division. Using the Lottoland subscription service can help you make sure that you are part of every US Mega Millions draw.

Play Australian Lotto & Powerball Online

The lotto – as much a part of Australia as footy, cricket, kangaroos and political arguments! It’s just what we love to do, and every Wednesday and Saturday are our lotto days.

In your state or territory, you may well have your own name for the competition, be it x Lotto, Tattslotto, or Gold Lotto. Whatever it might be called where you live, it remains so easy to enter through our Lottoland website or by using the terrific mobile app we’ve developed for you. We also know that many folk like to take advantage of our helpful subscription system to be sure that they’ll never miss out on a single draw.

The Saturday lotto draws delivers a generous six prize divisions with that terrific minimum weekly jackpot of $4m – but often the actual amount is way higher than that. You certainly won’t want to miss the Superdraws, each of which guarantees a cool $20 million as its jackpot. Then there are those unforgettable annual Megadraws, where the jackpot offered is $30m or more.

Our Lottoland team also makes sure you can be a keen part of those Thursday Powerball Australia moments, with their guarantee of at least $3m in the jackpot; and we all know that these have been up to $50 million and more. Their eight prize divisions are larger than any other lotto anywhere across Australia. Just make a choice of six numbers between one and 40, add a Powerball choice from one to 20 and you’re good to go.

After each draw, a visit to Lottoland will let you know how the winning numbers fell.

Play Keno Online

This is such a part of the day for so many eager players that we often feel an extra ‘E’ should be added to the middle of the word KENO itself! Amazingly a version of the game was played in China before there was even a Great Wall! Back here in Australia, Lottoland is the obvious place to take your chance to win that $1 million prize – and with a draw every 4 minutes, you can have as many chances to scoop that prize as you want from early afternoon to early morning.

The actual draws begin precisely at 2.34pm and carry on right through evening and night to finish at 7.45am – both AEST. So, every day, you have more than a dozen chances to win in each and every hour that Keno is available to be played!

Every four minutes, twenty numbers are drawn from the 60 available for selection. Your task is to choose a minimum of one up to a maximum of 10. The million dollar winner will have matched all 10. Of course, if you don’t manage that, you can still be a winning Keno player.

Our Lottoland aim is to make Keno just as easy to play than it would be if you were down your local pub or club. Visit us online whenever you want, or access us wherever you are through our user friendly mobile app. Then make your number choices, add your individual stake of one to 10 dollars, to get as many numbers out of the drawn 20. It’s as simple as that, playing Keno at Lottoland!