Ladbrokes Ride Guide Review

Ladbrokes Ride Guide

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get inside information from top Australian jockeys about major upcoming races? If you’ve always wanted to know what some of the major racing names think about a particular race when it comes to anything from race tactics to weather conditions, it’s time to take a look at Ladbrokes’ amazing Ride Guide.

Compiled on a regular basis, so that the information is available before well-known races, the Ride Guide includes a video recorded by each rider who’s going to take part in a race. In the video, they detail their views on key variables such as the character and strengths of the horse they’re riding, track conditions and trainer instructions. For anyone who wants to know exactly what the jockeys are thinking, the Ride Guide videos are essential viewing!

Many punters find that there are significant advantages to finding out how the jockeys view the race and how they intend to run it. Particularly if you’ve already got prior knowledge of how particular jockeys or horses tend to race, the Ladbrokes Ride Guide can provide valuable additional information, enabling you to gain better insight into which horses the jockeys feel are going to run well and which may have to work harder in order to be placed. Because the Ride Guide is unscripted, you’ll hear exactly what jockeys think, first hand. Of course, they may not always be right in what they say, as much of it may be opinion rather than fact. That said, given that they will have been in the racing business for years, it’s likely you’ll find their thoughts of enormous interest.

There are many benefits which punters can gain by listening to the Ride Guide. Often, the people that provide comments about races are racing experts who don’t actually race, rather than those who are actually involved in completing the event. Because the Ride Guide interviews are recorded with the jockeys who will be racing on the day, they’re a chance to get information “straight from the horse’s mouth”. If you want to enjoy a unique perspective on many of the most popular races, taking some time to listen to the Ride Guide is a great idea. Ride Guide videos are recorded quite close to the race, so the information you receive is up to date and reflects the thoughts of the jockeys only a short while before they actually get out there on the track.

One fantastic advantage to watching a Ride Guide is that many of the jockeys will say a little about the horse they are riding, perhaps commenting on their overall condition, how the horse is likely to run given the current conditions and anything that may affect their performance on the day. This information often isn’t easily available from any other sources, giving you a unique insight into the horses and riders that will be competing in the event. For anyone that values information about the horses involved, Ride Guides are essential viewing.

The Ride Guides are a great talking point and can also be used as a source of intriguing information, alongside the various other sources of racing data out there. Whereas some facts and figures about racing tend to be quite dry and difficult to follow, Ride Guides are designed to be entertaining to watch and straight-forward to understand. Blending facts with opinion, they provide a great resource that’s fun to watch and can be easily accessed in a number of different ways from the Ladbrokes site.

To access a Ride Guide video, click on the Ride Guide PLAY button, located next to each runner on your card, on the jockey silk. You can also access a Ride Guide video by pressing on the name of your preferred horse to the right of the silk. Alternatively, you can find Ride Guides through the Ladbrokes racing home page. Just click on the Ride Guide icon and click through to the race guide page. On that page, you will find all the interviews you’re looking for, enabling you to find out exactly what the jockeys think about the forthcoming race. Ride Guide videos can also be obtained from the Ladbrokes Information Hub if required. You can listen to as many or as few Ride Guide interviews as you wish. Some people like to listen to what many jockeys have to say, in order to get a more comprehensive view of the entire field and see if there are any similar conclusions which come out of the videos. Other punters prefer to just listen to one or two interviews, perhaps ones from their favourite jockeys or those jockeys riding their favourite horses in a particular race. No matter how many or how few Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos you watch, you can expect to enjoy some excellent entertainment and maybe learn something new.

Ladbrokes can’t guarantee that every jockey will give an interview and not every race will be covered. Generally, you can expect that the Ride Guide will cover around two-thirds of runners at a particular location. Ladbrokes aim to ask as many jockeys as possible, so there are normally plenty of Ride Guide videos to enjoy. The Ladbrokes Ride Guide is produced for all the main metro Victorian horse racing meetings, giving you access to the thoughts and views of some of the biggest names in Australian racing.

For anyone who wants to really find out what jockeys think about upcoming races and their chances of romping in with a win on the day, a look at the Ride Guide is absolutely vital. The Ride Guides are updated before each major race day, so there’s always fresh, new information to enjoy before you place your bets for an upcoming event. Remember that the Guides are intended for entertainment purposes only. The videos are usually unscripted (which means that the jockeys are free to say whatever they want in response to the interviewer’s questions) and Ladbrokes doesn’t give any assurances about the accuracy of the Ride Guides.