Ladbrokes Multi Maker

There are many people who enjoy sports for what they offer on their own – anticipation, excitement, joy, frustration and victory! However, for many of our fellow Australians, there is another pleasure to be added – and that’s the opportunity to have a punt on such events. Some of these punters like to place only an occasional wager, often on one of our iconic events, perhaps the Melbourne Cup or Grand Final. However, as the people at Ladbrokes know well, many others like to craft multiplier bets, across a wide range of sporting contests, building up their odds and allowing them the chance to win big. This is why they’ve created the Ladbrokes Multi Maker app and tool.

It’s a really easy to operate betting tool, available as a download for your mobile device – be it an iPhone, iPad or Android – meaning whether you’re relaxing at home, or busy out and about, it’s always available for you to place that multiplier bet.

The tool gives you the chance to bet across all the major sports you’d expect – including our own great AFL and NRL competitions. If you want to venture further afield, American sports are also covered, as are universally popular ones such as tennis and, of course, soccer.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s so easy to place those multi bets. It takes only a few quick clicks from accessing the Multi Maker screen from the Ladbrokes home page, to having your bet completed and accepted. You can choose the number of selections, up to a maximum of 13, and also select the type of bet, including great options such as lines and margins, as well as the ever-popular head to head confrontations.

The slider menu and market buttons are only two of the ways that this Ladbrokes Multi Maker tool is just so easy to operate. As you select each leg, the odds box will update for you. Choices complete, you can then add them all to your completed slip with just one click. Add the amount you wish to gamble and confirm the bet – work done!

No wonder this Ladbrokes Multi Maker is so popular – check it out now and see for yourself how easy it becomes to place those great multi bets.

Ladbrokes Multi Bet Maker

Many keen punters have been asking about the Ladbrokes Multi Maker betting tool – eager to know what it is, how to get it, and how best to use it. So, here are the answers…

What Ladbrokes Multi Maker is

It’s a single interface multi-sports betting tool delivered as an app for your mobile device. It allows you to create multi bets – up to a total of 13 legs – and to do so quickly and easily. It’s with you wherever you are in your busy life, available just when you have the time to put that multiplier bet together.

How to get your Ladbrokes Multi Maker betting tool

Simply head to the Ladbrokes site. From there, you can find out everything you want to know, and can quickly download the app to your Android device, or to your iPhone or iPad. As many other folk have already found, it’s just as quick and easy to add this tool to your mobile device as it is then to use it.

How best to use Ladbrokes Multi Maker

From the main Ladbrokes screen on your device, just click through to the Multi Maker. On the screen, you’ll see how easy it is to select your sport from the extensive menu including soccer, footy, rugby league, baseball, basketball, tennis and more. The same is true when selecting the type of bet; you might opt for the popular head to head, line or margin options.

As you add each leg of your multiplier – up to a maximum of 13 – you’ll see the odds change in the bottom left corner, showing how they build up until you have the chance, with an all-correct bet, of winning that dreamed-of huge payout.

Once you’ve finished selecting, you click to add them all to your betting slip, insert the amount of your stake, and confirm the bet. After that, it’s down to the hands and feet of those strikers, kickers, catchers, throwers, servers and others to make your dreams come true!

One quick point to clarify: you can’t use Bonus Bets with Ladbrokes Multi Maker. You can use it for a superb quick way to build and place those multiplier bets!