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If you’re ready to take your fantasy playing up a notch (or 10!), you’re knocking at the right door. iPunt is the stuff of fantasy players’ dreams. It gives you all you need to pick your lineups, including fantasy stats, fantasy picks, fantasy cheat sheets and fantasy projections. What’s more, a massive range of competitions is covered – from fantasy NRL and fantasy AFL to fantasy EPL, fantasy NBA and fantasy NFL. Whichever game is your area of expertise, prepare to have your mind blown and watch your performance go through the roof.

As any daily fantasy sports player knows, picking a winning lineup is far from easy. That’s why fantasy sports is such a competitive, multi-billion industry, popular with punters all over the world. Getting your lineups right takes, not only experience and luck, but also having access to the right information. And that’s where iPunt comes in.

The site is packed with fantasy stats, fantasy picks and fantasy analysis. When it comes to fantasy stats, you’ll find everything – from past performances to salary data, which comes directly from fantasy sports operators. All fantasy stats are updated constantly, so you can use them as the basis of your own daily analysis or examine the analysis published on iPunt, which is sourced from leading fantasy sports experts. What’s more, iPunt gives you access to exclusive fantasy picks, also from experts. Compare and contrast them with your own.

Once you’ve done some study and are ready to pick your lineup, make the decision-making process easier with iPunt’s easy-to-use filters. These let you enter certain criteria, and mix and match players accordingly – quickly and without any hassle. They sure take a lot of the hard effort and guess work out of fantasy play! And, to make things even easier, take advantage of iPunt’s fantasy sports cheat sheets, which are available for the biggest fantasy cash games.

Do you wish you could keep up more often with fantasy sports news and editorials? It’s such an enormous industry that it’s not easy to do. Nearly every hour brings a new and important development, somewhere in the world. Even though keeping up with changes can be difficult, it’s vital if you want to be the best fantasy player you can be. The good news is that iPunt rounds up all news and editorials for all fantasy sports. There’s also loads of exclusive stories thrown in, giving you incredible insights and fantasy sports tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, whether you play fantasy NRL, fantasy AFL, fantasy EPL, fantasy NBA or fantasy NFL, let iPunt deepen your knowledge, provide tips from experts and improve your game today. Why wait any longer? With iPunt, you can have every single thing you need at your fingertips, just a few clicks away – from fantasy stats and fantasy picks to fantasy cheat sheets and fantasy projections to fantasy sports news and editorials. No wonder it’s one of Australia’s best-loved sites for fantasy sports players.

Fantasy Sports Coverage

Fantasy NRL News & Tips

If you’re passionate about fantasy NRL and want to become the best player you can possibly be, then it’s time to visit iPunt. Right now. One of the best betting sites in the nation, it’s jam-packed with all the stats, picks and cheat sheets you need for all the big cash games. It’s highly likely that, before your know it, you’ll be increasing your chances of success and, most importantly, making more money with your lineups.

Picking the right fantasy NRL lineup – day after day, week after week – is an art. To do it well, continually, you need access to accurate, reliable, useful data. And that’s the focus of iPunt’s fantasy NRL pages.

For a start, you’ll find stacks and stacks of amazing stats, covering every player. These are updated constantly, with every new game played, and include salary data, provided by fantasy sports operators. You can draw on these stats to develop your own analysis or check out iPunt’s detailed analysis, which comes from experts.

What’s more, there are awesome fantasy NRL projections and fantasy NRL cheat sheets, to help you choose the right players each week and enjoy a competitive edge. And you can keep up with all developments, thanks to iPunt’s exclusive news and editorials.

Be a better fantasy NRL player today with iPunt.

Fantasy AFL News & Tips

Fantasy AFL is an extraordinarily competitive game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win – frequently. The trick is to develop experience and, at the same time, ensure you’re getting your hands on the very best data available. That way, you can make the best lineup choices every day.

Enter iPunt. It’s an Australian website, developed to serve Australian fantasy AFL players. It brings you all the details you need to become a better player and, in the process, boost your profits.

There are comprehensive fantasy AFL stats, including salary data from fantasy sports operators, which are updated constantly. There are outstanding picks for your daily fantasy sports cash games. There are fantasy AFL cheat sheets, fantasy AFL projections and fantasy AFL analysis, created by leading experts.

In addition, you can catch up on developments in the fantasy AFL world whenever you feel like it, thanks to iPunt’s exclusive news and editorials.

Become the best fantasy AFL player you can be with iPunt. The results just might amaze you.

Fantasy EPL News & Tips

Dominating the fantasy EPL world isn’t easy – after all, there’s no shortage of competition. But it can be done. How? By making the right decisions. And that means making sure you have access to the best fantasy EPL stats, fantasy EPL picks and fantasy EPL analysis anywhere. You can find it all at iPunt.

One of the most popular betting websites in Australia, iPunt gives you all the fantasy EPL data and information you need to become a better player. All the major players are covered, with bucket loads of data, including salary data, which comes directly from fantasy sports operators. You can use this to come up with your own analysis, or use the analysis provided by iPunt’s experts.

On top of all that, there are fantasy EPL cheat sheets and fantasy EPL projections. They provide an accessible guide to which players to choose each week, assisting you in making the most of your daily fantasy EPL.

Keeping up to date with fantasy EPL news and editorials is also a vital part of staying in the game. That’s why iPunt brings you regular round-ups of developments, including exclusive stories and information.

Take your performance as a fantasy EPL player to a new level with iPunt.

Fantasy NFL News & Tips

For fantasy NFL players to perform highly, they must have access to stats, picks and projections. That’s why iPunt is the site of choice for so many people. It’s like a one-stop-shop for fantasy NFL players, containing all the data and information they need.

There are accurate, up-to-date fantasy NFL stats and picks, designed to help you improve your daily fantasy sports cash games. There are fantasy NFL cheat sheets, which can help you give you the edge you need to make the most of your daily fantasy NFL. There are daily fantasy NFL projections, providing you with a clear guide as to which players to select each week.

And, perhaps the most important resource at iPunt is its detailed fantasy NFL player’s stats and analysis. Absolutely all the information you need is at your fingertips – from performance in previous games to salary data provided by fantasy sports operators. You needn’t go anywhere else to play daily fantasy NFL.

Are you ready to take your game from go to woah? Explore what iPunt can offer you today.

Fantasy NBA News & Tips

If you’re looking for accurate, up-to-date stats and picks for fantasy NBA, you’ll find them at iPunt. With a wealth of information just a few clicks away, iPunt gives you all the information you could dream of for your daily fantasy NBA sports cash games. Prepare to become a much better player really soon.

In addition, iPunt provides you with exclusive fantasy NBA cheat sheets. Use these to choose lineups more easily and more accurately, every single week. They help to reduce the hard work involved in analysis, and in the manual comparing and contrasting of data.

And then there’s the convenience of daily fantasy NBA projections. By predicting how players might perform in the coming week, these help you to look ahead while making all the big decisions. Let iPunt’s experts guide you – rather than guessing.

Every major player you can select in fantasy NBA comes with an array of stats. You can check out previous performances and discover what they might mean for the future. Do your own analysis or take advantage of iPunt’s. You’ll also get information about salary data, provided by fantasy sports operators.

Last but not least, iPunt publishes a detailed, reliable round-up of fantasy NBA news and editorials regularly, so you need never miss a beat.