DraftStars Fantasy NRL, AFL, NBA &NFL Games

DraftStars Fantasy Sports

If you love fantasy NRL, fantasy AFL, fantasy NFL, NBA, cricket or soccer, then it’s time you got to know DraftStars. It’s CrownBet’s popular daily fantasy sports league.

Playing daily fantasy sports is a lot of fun. Here’s how it works. You create your own team of athletes, based on real-life athletes, to compete in the sports league of your choice. Your team then goes into competition against other teams, which are selected in the same way by your competitors. Your team’s performance is determined by how your chosen athletes perform in real life sporting events.

Unlike traditional fantasy sports, which usually last an entire season, daily fantasy sports are held over short periods, such as a day, a week or a month. This means that you don’t have to stick to your chosen team for the season. Every day or week, you can start again, with a brand new group of athletes. You needn’t fear getting bogged down in repetitive experiences and wishing that the new seasons would hurry up and come along.

The daily fantasy sports league format also means that there are more opportunities to win. Pick your ultimate team and go in the running to win the biggest cash prizes, week in, week out. Along the way, get stuck into a massive variety of exciting contests and playing options.

There are two ways to register your team. If you’re a beginner and want to build some confidence, then you can test out your skills, thanks to CrownBet’s live draft system. Alternatively, use the salary cap formats, which takes just a few minutes. Every week, you can try out new players, new teams and new tactics.

At the DraftStars live match centre, you can keep a close eye on your team’s performance. This allows you to see your players score points as it happens. At the same time, you can watch your opponents’ scores and check your contest standings, thanks to the live leaderboard. There’s no worrying about falling behind.

DraftStars is the AFL’s official Daily Fantasy Sports Partner. It’s a joint venture between CrownBet and Fox Sports.

How to Play DraftStars

If you love and follow NRL, AFL, NFL, NBA, cricket or soccer, then you’ll love playing DraftStars daily fantasy sports.

The first step is to pick a contest. To see which games are available, take a look around the lobby, where they’re all listed.

Once you’ve decided, stay in the lobby to make your choice official. You can even create your own contest and play against your friends. Simply choose the sport, contest type, payout, entry fees and other details.

As far as payouts go, there are a few options. Some contests offer a winner-takes-all format, which means that big prizes can go up for grabs, but only one player can get their hands on them. Others share the cash between hundreds, or even thousands, of winners. Wins can come in all shapes and sizes – how you choose to play is up to you.

In addition, there are multiple options when it comes to daily fantasy sports games and tournaments, as well as live draft. Some of these include guaranteed contests, featured contests with mega prize pools, head-to-head contests and multiplayer games.

If you’re a newbie, then you’ll love the DraftStars dedicated beginner’s contest. It allows you to get a feel for the games before you commit to the excitement of the major fantasy cash games.

Even though DraftStars’ daily fantasy sports happen over shorter periods than season-long fantasy leagues, you still get to choose who starts each game. Absolutely any player is at your fingertips. The only catch is that you have to watch your budgeting: every player comes at a price, and you must stay under the salary cap. With this in mind, go ahead and put together the best line-up possible.

Once the contests start, you can get in on the action by watching them live. Player stats and scores are updated in real time and made accessible to you via My Contests and My Lineups. You can also keep an eye on your team’s position in the contest, as you fight the good fight for bragging rights and/or cold, hard cash.

DraftStars Scoring System

DraftStars offers a variety of different scoring systems for AFL, NRL, NBA and NFL fantasy cash games.

Let’s start with fantasy AFL games. These give you 9 different ways to score points or suffer the deduction of points, leading to free kicks against other players.

Fantasy NRL games provide you with even more ways to award points. There’s a total of 13, based around each player’s activity and performance from game to game.

Meanwhile, if you’re playing fantasy NBA, then you can enjoy 8 different ways to score base points, as well 3 ways to score bonus points. Again, these are based on players’ performances.

When it comes to fantasy NFL, there are 25 different ways to score points altogether – 11 different ways to score offence points, and 14 different ways to score defence points.

DraftStars offers a mind-blowing variety of sports and contest types. You – the player – have the power to choose the game that’s right for you. Fantasy AFL was the first sport to launch, followed by NRL, NBA, NFL, cricket and soccer. Keep an eye out for more sports, which will be added down the track.

To get involved, all you have to do is visit the DraftStars lobby, where you can pick your preferred sport and contest. It takes just a few minutes to draft your fantasy teams. You can choose athletes for as short or as long as you like, be that a single match, a single day or a full round of matches over a weekend or a week.

Once you’ve made the final decisions about your team members, you can enter your team into free contests or paid contests to compete against your friends or against competitors in the wider DraftStars community. Real cash prizes could soon be yours.

DraftStars Mobile App

The easiest way to play DraftStars daily fantasy sports is via the DraftStars mobile app. This awesome tool, which was launched in July 2016, is available as a free download at the app store.

As you might expect, the app comes with absolutely everything you need to play DraftStars. The contest lobby is really easy to navigate, and putting your team together is as easy as ABC. What’s more, the app allows you to keep an eye on your progress in real time, so you can see your players’ changing activity, performance and points. There’s also a live leaderboard, which lets you know how your team is going, in comparison to other teams.

There’s no doubt that playing DraftStars daily fantasy sports is far more convenient through the DraftStars mobile app than through your mobile browser. Anytime you want to check on your team, make a change or enter a new contest, the option is in your back pocket.

DraftStars offers loads of daily fantasy contests at your fingertips. Whether you want to enter for free or go in the running to win cash, play against your mates or compete against professionals, it’s all up to you. Why not download the DraftStars mobile app right now?