CrownBet AFL Live Streaming Review

CrownBet AFL Live Streaming

AFl is the sport of Australia. Every year, thousands of people pack into the stadiums around the country to watch their favourite teams battle it out, head to head. This year is bound to be no exception. But if you want a more comfortable experience than facing the crowds for each and every game, why not watch the matches live from the comfort of your own home?

Enjoy every moment of the AFL with CrownBet AFL Live Streaming

If you want to watch all the AFL games live this season, you can now tune in to CrownBet AFL Streaming. You can not get the CrownBet AFL Live Vision on iOS and Android systems, if you are a CrownBet App customer.

CrownBet is the official wagering partner of the AFL, and the only to be able to provide its customers with live vision. This means you will never miss out on another AFL moment with CrownBet, no matter where you happen to be – on the move or at home.

Watching the game has never been easier.

The AFL and its evolution

AFL has been around since 1857, when Tom Wills invented the game to help keep cricketers fit when they were in the off-season. It wasn’t long before more and more people caught on to the beauty of the sport, and by 1866 a professional set of rules had been put in place for the AFL.

The Victorian Football League was the first area where clubs were established – and Victoria is still the home of the AFL even today.

Since then, AFL has grown and grown as a sport, and there are now 18 teams playing in the competition each year from most states. AFL is a game that stops a nation. It’s a game that captivates a nation. And if you venture out of your home when the grand final is on, you probably won’t see anyone on the streets – they’re all glued to their screens watching the match unfold!

What has evolved since 1857 is the way we watch the game. Of course, television wasn’t around back then and so now days with the adaption of technology, more of us can watch it than ever before. And now, with CrownBet AFL Live Streaming, watching the game couldn’t be easier.

How does CrownBet AFL Live Streaming work?

To stream the AFL on to your device, all you have to do to get access to your AFL games is to sign up to CrownBet. It really is that simple! Watch all the games from the comfort of your own home – or on the go – without the need for any difficult apps or programs to get the streaming happening.

Best of all, for all members of CrownBet, there is no charge at all to watch the AFL Live Vision. You simply log in to your account, either through your iOS or Android mobile app, and start streaming.

To make things more affordable, hook yourself up to a local wifi service in your area, or at home, and avoid any unwanted data use charges.

Or, if you’re streaming on the move, such as on the train to work, make sure you check with your phone company or mobile carrier to understand the data use charges.

What else do I need to know about CrownBet AFL Live Streaming?

Because we have an exclusive deal with the AFL, AFL Live Vision is exclusive to our CrownBet iOS and Android mobile app only. This means that unfortunately you currently can’t stream from the CrownBet website.

How to stream AFL games live with CrownBet AFL Live Streaming

It couldn’t be easier to get watching with CrownBet AFL Live Streaming. All you need to do is get on your mobile or tablet and download the CrownBet app, onto either an iOS or Android system.

Next, once you have installed the app, you simply need to choose the live AFL event you want to watch on a live stream.

Click on the ‘watch live’ button, which is situated at the top of each and every AFL event page on the app. But before you do, make sure you have checked with your mobile phone provider or carrier to double check streaming data costs. Otherwise it could get expensive! Alternatively, connect to wifi for a free service.

Now you’re ready to watch on CrownBet AFL Live Streaming! It really is as simple as that.

While streaming on your mobile phone might be easy when you’re on the go, you can also opt to stream on to your tablet device too. This means you are able to watch the game on a larger screen, improving your viewing experience, no matter where you decide to stream.

Sit back and enjoy CrownBet AFL Live Streaming

Sounds good? That’s because CrownBet AFL Streaming is great! Download our app today and start watching all the AFL games this season. Never miss a moment again!