About Us

There are many ways for Australians to enjoy a punt – and you’ll find swift access to many of them through our iPunt website and app, owned and operated by Punt Media Pty Ltd. We know that many of the people who use our superb portal are fans of the country’s top sports – whether this be by barracking for their team in the AFL or NFL, hopefully right through to grand final glory. Others are into their cricket or soccer (both A-League and worldwide), still more enjoy tennis or cricket, and many share a passion for horse racing, or American football or basketball . We’ve increasingly found many with a passion for eSports.

Whichever is your choice – and not just sports either, as iPunt provides access to many of the world’s best lotteries – our aim is to offer the level of information and access that means you can be part of the action, wherever and whenever you want. To achieve this, we deliver a stunning betting interface with key bookmakers, providing you with a superb news and tips service, plus quality stats analysis. Add to this the key betting tools you’d expect, including such favourites as line pickers. We’ll never forget to deliver those odds comparisons, so important in making your play. Come visit us at iPunt now and see the action for yourself.

Finally, eight things we should tell you about iPunt; we:

  • work with key Australian corporate bookmakers and lottery betting companies
  • confirm that each of these is licensed out of the Northern Territory
  • only ever provide information on betting companies operating within the Financial Transaction Records Act
  • every company is both regulated and licensed for the benefit of Australian consumers via¬†Interactive Gambling Act
  • fully comply with the Interactive Gambling Act
  • do not collect any personal data other than specified in the privacy policy
  • are not a betting company
  • don’t own a gambling licence

About Problem Gambling

For the vast majority of Australians who enjoy a punt, whether through sports betting, a visit to a casino or racetrack, or playing the pokies in the local club, the element of chance, the possibilities to win, simply add to the excitement.

Our iPunt team is also very aware that, for some people, it becomes much less of a pleasure and more of a compulsion. If gambling has become that for you, or you feel it might, then there are two courses of action we’d like you to know about.

The first is to apply for a self-exclusion application which, once in place, will actually prevent betting companies from accepting your bets. It’s up to you to decide how long the self-exclusion should be active. It’s also important to know that, when the original one expires, you can then immediately apply for another.

Secondly, many people who have accepted they have a problem with their gambling have found help and support by contacting Gambling Help Online. There, people quickly realise they are not alone, and are able to share in the experiences of others, and gain valuable help.

It’s believed that up to 500,000 of our fellow Australians are already defined as problem gamblers – or are seen as at risk of becoming so. If this is you, if taking a punt offers no pleasure, we hope the information above will help you take that vital first step in recognising and dealing with your situation via gambling counselling.